Full Moon of Origin and Moon Eclipse   

BE Creative in Origin

In the Hour of the Full Moon and in the Hour of the Eclipse it is the Creative Will of Human RACE that is Enlightened and that is Emphasised. In the Reflection of Full Moon it is the Original Power that is IN Human RACE which is Reflected. Therefore we may see and we may get to know our Will IN Creativity. It is the Will of God, it is the Will Ordered in the Order of Cosmos.

We have chosen to be Born in Cosmos. We have chosen to be part of the Motion of Cosmos. And we are part of the Order, we Abide within this Order.

In the Original Power of Moon the Reflection is given. And in the Original Power of Sun the Direction is given. As Human RACE we are ONE in Direction and Reflection. We are Creative RACE. The Emphasising of our Creative Will is given by the Fullness of Moon, to Awaken RACE in the Creative Wish, to Realise the fact that IN Origin is the Ability to be Creative and that in Origin is the Ability to Create HOME. To Form planet Terra as a HOME for ALL within her place in Cosmos. The Cosmic Order is given as an Ordered Whole. And the Cosmic Motion is given as Space. Space to Realise your Power. Space to Realise the Form of Origin. Space to Realise the Fact that Humanity Lives as a Union of Details, a Union of ONE Creative Power, of ONE Creative Will.

The Encouragement that is given in the Fullness of Moon or the Encouragement that is given in the Silence of the Eclipse is the Encouragement to BE Creative and to Be this in Origin. To be thus Originally Creative. Use the Power that is given to you as your Very Natural Reality of Human Being. And this Nature, the Nature of being Creative is the Nature of your Will, it is the Origin that Expresses through you, as you and in you. Be Focused upon the Origin. Be Focused upon the Original Light. And in this Focus you are IN Order of Cosmos, you are IN Order of Life. An Order that shows the Expression of Aquarius and that is Willing to Serve you, to Serve the Light IN you. Because Origin is IN you. Origin is Around you. And in your Creative Will is Space and is Place to Create the HOME, to Create the Altar, to Create the Magnificent Light of God as an Original Creation.

© Ascending All

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