Full Moon of Love – We Celebrate the Power, Wisdom and Love of Life

Today and this Morning we may Celebrate Life. We may Celebrate Life upon planet Terra. We may Celebrate Life in the Gift of the Sun and the Moon. We may Celebrate Life as the Motion of our Orbit, as the Motion of Sun and Moon, as the Motion of our Spine, as the Motion of our Inner Core and our Inner Wish.

Life is Formed by the Magnificent Beauty of our Wish. Life is Formed by the Magnificent Love of our Wish. And in the Reality of Creation as it is Present in the Sealed State this Wish comes Forth as Form, this Wish is seen by your Eye and your Identity. By seeing the Wish you meet with your Identity, the Identity Active in Creativity, an Identity that is God and Creator.

Being Creative in the Beauty of your Wish and being Creative in the Love of your Wish is giving of Yourself to Elevate All of Life, to make All Life More, to make entire Cosmos More. The Power of the Moon’s Reflection is a Creative Power because Reflective Power gives Creativity. The Reflection of Moon that shows the Truth of your Wish, of your Inner Motion, shows the Love of your Inner and shows the fact that All of Creation is Loving and Wise.

When you as Humanity choose to create from the Loving and Beautiful Wish, you create the Truth of Wisdom, you create a Wise Creation. All of Nature and All of Animals Honour the Wise Light within Human Being or Honour the Loving Wish within you. The Perfection of Reflection that is given in Moon is a Perfection that can be seen in Form. This Perfection shows you the Reality of your Identity, it shows God itself. God as Human Being, God as Human Creator.

To Celebrate today the Power of Life, the Wisdom of Life and the Love of Life, is Celebrating the Reflection of Moon that is Present because there is Direction of Sun. So Honour the Beauty of Sun and Moon as ONE. Honour the Loving Reality of Sun and Moon and Terra as ONE. Honour the Loving Reality of Yourself as Creative Human Being. And while you Honour, you Will be IN the Motion of Sun and Moon and Terra. You will be IN the Motion of your Spine and of your Inner Wish.

Your Promise is Active in Sun and Moon. Your Promise is Rooted in Terra. You are the Beauty upon this planet because you are Creative because you are Wishful because you are Wise, Powerful and Loving.

© Ascending All

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