Full Moon of Chiron

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Welcome the Power of your Inner Wish


We came together at the Domain to have our attention on the Full Moon of Chiron. We were at the fire pit. Maria asked us to stand around the fire pit and we held our arms wide at shoulder height. We envisioned the fire pit as the Moon. We give our Light to the Moon, so the Moon can reflect our gift.


Full Moon is Present.

Embrace the Moon that comes with Full Reflection. Embrace the Light of Sun that is given in Reflective Moon. Embrace the Power of your Wish within that gives its Light, its reason for Being. When you Embrace the Moon in the Reality of Reflection, you Embrace the Power of your Life. You Embrace the Reality of your Physical Being.

Embracing the Life upon planet Terra is giving her the Right to Be. And in the Right to Exist, the Right to Be and the Right to Breathe you encourage Life upon planet Terra to become More, to become Enlightened by the Brightness of Moon. In the Fullness of Moon, she is Bright. In the Fullness of Moon, she gives of her Glory and it emphasises the Glory of yourself as Human Being and the Glory of planet Terra. It means you are Destined to be Truthful, you are Destined to Live Ordered, you are Destined to Live as ONE. You are Human Being ready to create as your Wish Commands.

The LAW Commands in the Order of Government and your Wish is Aligned with LAW. In the Alignment with LAW, you are able to create the Fullness of Truth and to create an Ordered Form. This Ordered Form shows Light. This Ordered Form is Reflected by Moon.

Your Wish is your Gratitude. Your Wish is your Hope and your Believe. Your Wish is the Dream within Aquarius Present. So come forth in your Wish while you encourage the Fullness of Moon while you Welcome her Reflection. And Receive this Reflection to Realise the Destined Truth of planet and Humanity as ONE. The Communion of this Reality of planet and Humanity may be seen in Reflection of Moon, may be seen in the Fullness of her Promise. The Light of Moon, the Reflection of Moon is a Promised Truth for Humanity, for planet Terra. And this Promised Truth is given in Fullness Right Now, Today.

Embrace thus the Moon and Welcome her Brightness, Welcome her Power. And when you do so, you Welcome the Power of your Inner Wish, the Power of Humanity. It is the Power of Creator, the Power of Creative Ability.

Embrace the Power, Embrace the Brightness and make it ONE, ONE Reality within your Wishful Future. ONE Reality within your Wishful Command.

© Ascending All

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