Full Moon of Aries with ascendant Libra

We rise in the morning to welcome the Day and to welcome the NEW Truth of Aries in the Age of Aquarius. To celebrate the Gift of ONE Way, of ONE LAW and of ONE Living Detail that makes Aquarius the Sign of Freedom. Aries has given the Liberation of slavery and in the Age of Aquarius this Liberation receives another boost to be realised further in matter and Creation. To liberate ourselves from Past and from the imprints of Past. To Liberate ourselves from the slavery of our ideas and our behaviour. Aries is Active in the Age of Aquarius, because the entire Zodiac is Active in the Sign of an Age. The more we realise this Truth of Time, the more we realise that Life is a Whole and that serving life is serving all the different Ages and their Qualities.

Today we Honour the Full Moon and we welcome the sign of Aries with the empowerment of Libra in its Right and Order. The Gift of Aries is received in the Aquarian Truth and seen as the Order of the Age that has been. Giving a NEW LAW in Aries was the power of Aries, a power to Liberate all by the Truth and Order of LAW. LAW was received in the Identity of the people Present in Aries, to realise a Way in which Liberation would be formed. This way has started indeed in Aries. Aries has given the Beginning of this Path. The Liberation of Creation itself, is a task now in the Sign of Aquarius, in the Age of Aquarius. Which means we take the Truth of Aries and apply it in the Light of today. We change and transform Creation according to the Gifts of Past. To create Future. Which means to apply the Power of the entire Zodiac to make Future Reality as an Eternal Living Motion.

In the Age of Pisces it was Jesus who taught us to Pray, while embracing the Gift of our body in this Prayer. The Gift that is given by the Love for Creation and the Love for Terra. Our body Exists, because we love Life on Terra and because we Love Terra herself. We Honour our Life in the Willingness to Celebrate Full Moon and to Celebrate Life as a Whole and as Motion of Eternity. Praying in the Truth Jesus taught us, is Praying to serve Life and to serve the Gift of the physical existence. This physical existence, our body and life, can only be served when realising the Identity in Matter. The Wishful Identity in Matter. Truly serving your Creation, including your Body, can only be done when the Identity is Free. A Free Deity with the Creative Power of a Human Being. The Free Identity of a Human Being is the Free Deity that Reigns with Wish and with Promise. Realising the Promised Truth of Future, is done in LAW. Done in the Gift of LAW that is needed to build a body, to build a Creation.

Welcome the Eternal aspect of the Fullness of Moon. Welcome the Reflection that shows us Love for Life, Love for Future and for past. Welcome the Reflection in which we Awaken in the Love for LAW that shows us that we can serve Life and our Bodily existence. When we Pray the Prayer that Jesus taught us, we Celebrate our physical Life and make Future MORE in the expansion of Creation itself.

© Ascending All

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