Full Moon of Aquarius

Truth of Reflection

We are Active in Order to Celebrate the Fullness of Moon, to Celebrate the Full Order of Reflection. We are Active, Awake and Present within our Willingness to serve the Constellation of Aquarius and within our Willingness to create the Aquarian Age, the Aquarian Life and the Aquarian Promise.

Because we are Active in Order, we Form Aquarius, we Honour Aquarius. Because we are Active in Order we are Present within the Order of Cosmos, within the LAW and within Government. We Realise the fact that we are Human Being Present upon Terra, to Be Creative in the Order of Cosmos. And to Present the Face of GOD in Cosmos as it can be Created upon this planet.

Creation is Present because of Reflection and because of Direction. Creation is Present because there is an Age. Every Sign in the Zodiac represents an Age and every Age gives its Principles, gives its Nature. Within Principles and within Nature of a Zodiac Sign we are able and allowed to Form Creation, to Form Life, Human Life and the Life of Terra.

Forming Life is done in Reflection. Forming Life is done in Receiving the Light of Order and the Light of Sun. Doing so enables us as Humanity to Honour the Order in Cosmos and to Be Present as GOD or as Creator. We are therefore Active in Order, Present in Order. We are Creative in the Ordered Wholeness of the Cosmic Design. Because the Design in Cosmos is given with Constellations, it is given with Constellations of Stars and it is given with Planets. All this is Present  within ONE Motion, the Motion that gives us All Destiny. The Motion that gives us All the Ability to Be Creative in Order and to Be Reflection and to Be Direction.

The Fullness of Moon is Present to Celebrate the Truth of Reflection in the Order of Aquarius and to Celebrate the fact that Aquarian IS Reflected. The Aquarian Principles, the Aquarian Truth. It is All Present in Reflection of Moon, given to Terra and given to RACE. Given to Create Life of Aquarius, to Create the Physical Truth because it may be seen here Below as it is Above.

In ONE Union, the Union of Sun and Moon, the Union of Terra and Venus, the Union of Cosmos and Terra. In ONE Union Life on Terra is Present in the Aquarian Constellation, in the Aquarian Truth.

We Form the Union. We Form in Reflection. We Form in the Direction. We Materialise Life on Terra because the Moon is Full and because the Sun Directs. Because we Receive Light and because we give Light, we Form Life. Life is the Presence of Aquarius. Life is the Motion of Ordered Aquarius. Life is the Gift that we create in the ALLness and Wholeness of Cosmic Order.

© Ascending All

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