Full Moon for Wise Reign

The Moon will be Full to Attract all the Light of the NEW Way in Mother. She will Attract all the Righteousness of Life in the Purpose of Aquarius in Order to Reflect this Right and Light into the Living Cells and Atoms. These are the Atoms and Cells Aligned with the Principles of Aquarius and with the Active Design of Emerald. Reflecting the Light IN Right given, Multiplies this Light and makes The Way of Mother a Reality. Meaning that Matter can transfigure into Mother, into Detailed and Transparent form.

Reflective Right of Moon is given in the Command to Liberate Will of Creativity in Mankind. This Will may be Liberated to Reign Wise and to Create from a Wise Act. A Wise Act is the Act that Multiplies Light and that serves the Righteousness of All Living things. ONE Light is Directed in the Aquarian Way and Tone. This Light is Authorised to be Multiplied and only this Light can be Multiplied in the Age of Today. In order to form Wisdom and in order to Liberate Will and Creative Actions, Right of Reflection in Moon is Perpetual. She is Active in the Glory of Eternity and Reflects with the Power of Wish and Willingness. Willingness to serve All Light, to serve All Life and to manifest the Destined Way of Mother.

We will Celebrate the fact that Moon Reflects the Directed Light and that Wise Reign is Awakening in Conscious Awareness of Mankind. Raise our Light and manifest the Glory of a NEW Day, a DAY of HOPE and Gratitude.

© Ascending All

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