Free Wish

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Today is Violet in Gift of the Tone. Violet to break all the bonds with past and to realise the materialisation of Free Human Being. A Free Human Being needs to be Rooted in Terra, Rooted in Emerald Design to Live Ordered and Truthful. A free Human Being chooses to Honour All Life and to be Devoted to the Light in Life. Which means the Light is Honoured in All Details of Humanity and in All Details in Nature Kingdom. The Expression of Details is a Freedom of Living, a Freedom of the Eternal Truth that Details make Life move and MORE. Celebrating the Violet Tone on a day as today is celebrating the fact that Life is Detailed and that we can create Life Detailed. The Details in Human RACE are the Beauty of this RACE and form the variety of Colours and faces.

All facets are shown in the Free Reign of Aquarius and in the Free Reign of the Wish IN Humanity. This Wish is Active in the order of White Fire and Lives in the Ordered Wholeness of Emerald Design. The Power of Violet gives an extra Radiance to the fact that Life is created to be Eternal and that every Human Being has the Power to create this Life. Human RACE is Creative and creates Life for itself and for the entire planet. Creating the Free Wish IN Ordered White Fire, IN RACE its CORE is creating the Command of LAW. LAW Commands to Multiply, to Activate the Light of CORE and to Expand CORE. The Command of LAW is the Beginning of Freedom, the Beginning of applying your Will Freely to create the Divine Aspects of Life and Living. The Tone of Violet resonates in the Atoms and Cells to attune them with the Power of CORE, the Power of Creative Wish in Humanity. All Life is MORE in Freedom, in the Wish Expressed. All Life shines when the Glory is to All and when the Glory is in Wish Active.

Honour the Divine Plan of Life and create the Truth of Life because you are Free to do so, Free in the Right to be Human on Terra.

© Ascending All

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