Free Will

In Truth we are born to create the Destiny of our Wish. In Truth we are born on Terra to Root, to magnify our Presence and the Presence of Terra. The Destiny of our Promises and Wishes is to come forth as Creation and to show the Detailed aspects of God’s Will in Freedom. The Power of Will in Human Being is the Power of GOD’s Will. This Will has the Right to be Free, to Act Free and to Reign in Freedom to make Wish Expression. Right is Multiplied in the Family Flame. Which means the Right for Will to be Free becomes more when Family is Active and IN Action.

Being born in the Truth of Family emphasises the Right to Live, the Right to Breathe and the Right to Create. But at first is emphasised the Right of Will and IN Will. Being born in the Family Flame or in Power of Family gives a confirmation to the Will to be born, the Will to Live. In this confirmation is the Sealing of your Wish. Practically it means you are born because you have chosen to Live on Terra and to give of your Self. When born in Family Flame, your Will is confirmed. The choice to be born and to Live receives a confirmation and in this a Sealing. The Will to Live is Sealed from that moment on and the Path to fulfil Destiny Free.

Will Power Active in Family Flame or in Power of Family, is Free Will. Because the Will is Active IN Right to be Active. Will IN Right is Freely Active, because she is Ordered. The Order to move, to choose, to Act and to be Present is fact in the Right of Will. Giving of your Flame and Wish, fulfilling your Destiny, is giving of your Free Will. It is Being alive in the confirmation of your choice to Live. The Sealing of this confirmation is Free Will. And Free Will in Action is creating while Sealed. The Power of this Sealing manifests an Ordered Creation and a Free Creation that shows the Detailed Wishes and fulfils Promises IN Right. Family is the Space where Free Will Reigns and where Free Will is Detailed and Righteous.

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