Free Way

The Way to Live Free is The Way to create Freely and to realise the Ordered shapes of Details. Every Detail has a right to Live free, to give expression to the Tone of Aquarius in GOD’s name. This is the Name of Creator, the Sound of Creator. Humanity is RACE with Creative Ability, because CORE is Active from the Creativity Flame. This means the Sound of Creator sounds in Human Being. The Sound of Creator can be given by Human Being. RACE is Active when Creative. RACE is Truly Active when Creating Ordered. In the Right of Order, Freedom Begins. The Freedom to realise the shape of your Well Being and the shape of your Detailed Wish in Action. With this Shape comes a Tone, a Sound. The Sound of Creator, the Tone of Aquarius and the Detailed Sound of the Wishing Well that Moves within ONE Human.

The Purpose of Creativity is to make Life MORE, to Multiply White Fire Order. The Purpose is to make Way for Details, for Future. Aquarius is the Age in which Freedom is a Detail and a Principle. In the Constellation of Aquarius are the Principles. And the Constellation is The Way to come forth IN ONE Right, ONE Line. The Lines of Order are given by LAW and Creating according to LAW and Order, gives Free shape. The Lines of Order form itself as the Geometrical Truth of Being. Which means the Wellness of Being Human and the Wellness of the Detailed Human Being. Because Human Being makes the Lines unroll as Geometry in the Wish to Create and the Wish to Express ONE Right and Flame in the Ordered Whole.

Active Creativity needs to be Free in the Aquarian Age to come to the fulfilment of Purpose, Principles and Destiny of this Age. Destined Creativity is the Creative Act IN Human Being that gives Life MORE Order and that Multiplies White Fire as the Origin of Life. ONE Way is always a Free Way, a Free Expression. ONE Direction is given to fulfil Destiny in Aquarius and to make the Aquarian Tone Sound in All.

© Ascending All

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