Free Reign in Order

Design Lives in the Right to come forth as Detailed Expression. This Right is the Freedom of Identity in Human Being. A Freedom that comes from the base of Truth and that is given in the Space provided by Truth. This Space is an Ordered Whole in which the Detailed Identity is Righteously Active and Righteously Present IN Will. The Way of Freedom or Free Reign is a Way IN Ordered Reality of All of Life. Entire Cosmos is based upon an Order. The Motion seen in Cosmos is Ordered and fulfils a Plan that is Active in the vastness. Upon Terra is Emerald Design to give Order and to give Truth as the base to Live, Breathe and Express.

Well Being of Human RACE is Being Aligned with the Promise of ONE Whole. In this Alignment is one’s Freedom and one’s Way to Live Active in Order. The act to create is Free in the base of Truth and Free in the Right to Express. Human RACE is a Detailed RACE with the reason to make Cosmos Expand. In the Expansion of Cosmos the Order in Cosmos becomes MORE. MORE of Light that is Active in ONE Motion generates Light and realises the fact that Aquarius can Reign. The Reign of Aquarius is Ordered. Human RACE is part of this Order, is Alive IN this Order. The Free Reign or Act of Human Being is Active in the Ordered Reign of Aquarius. Within the Right that Lives in Cosmos is the Right to Express Detailed as Human Being. The Identity of Human RACE as ONE Identity may grow in Awareness over the fact that All is Free in Order and that one is Free in the Motion of Cosmos.

Design for Terra is to be Expression of the INNER, to show the Beauty of the INNER Order which is White Fire. This is Ordered Origin of Life. Origin Expresses Freely when the Order of Cosmos is Honoured. Because the Order of Origin, of White Fire, can resonate with the Order of Cosmos. As ONE Motion and Expression, it will be Life. Free Life.

© Ascending All

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