Forming Life in Ordered Lines

In Multiplication of White Fire and in Obeying the Direction of Sun, Life is formed in the Eternal Right of Gratitude as the continuous Stream of Eternity. This is the Motion that makes times Truthful and this is the Motion that realises Order again and again and again. Multiplying White Fire gives Space to Create NEW and to make Geometrical shapes. In Multiplication is the Power to shape White Fire Order as a Geometrical form that Honours Sun Light. Honouring the Light of Sun is of importance IN Creation, when an Eternal form is wished for. Eternity is the Activity of White Fire Order, the Activity of Ordered Atoms showing the CORE of Origin.

Humanity is Active in Creativity, Active in the Right to Create and to form Life in the Ordered Lines. When the Ordered Lines are Present in the Multiplication, Geometry can be realised. The unrolling of the Ordered Lines in a shape, in a Detailed formation, makes Geometry fact. Creating Geometrical is Creating IN Gratitude and Multiplying the Ordered Origin. Creating Geometrical is Obeying the Order in LAW and Honouring the Direction of Sun for this Age. Aquarius is the Age to fulfil a Destined Eternity. Creating Eternity gives Opportunity to fulfil Destiny and to make Cosmos Expand in the Right Direction.

The Wish to Create and the Will to form Life according to the Principles of this Age is the Active Right IN Human RACE. This Right is Active in Gratitude. Which makes RACE the Power of GRACE and the Righteous Creator. When Creating IN Multiplication and IN Gratitude, Geometry will show the Perfection of Detailed Actions in Creativity. This Perfection is based in Order and realised in Original and Natural Creativity. ONE Way in Human RACE is Lived in Honouring the Flame of Creativity. This is the Flame that makes Humanity Creator and that Unites Human Beings as ONE RACE. A RACE IN Gratitude for the Light and for White Fire. A RACE IN the Act of Wish born.

© Ascending All

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