Forming Geometrical

The Moon comes up to realise herself IN Reflection and to fulfil a Promise, given to make Humanity and Terra Grow. Moon lives in the Hour of Destiny and Reflects from the Gratitude towards the Light of Sun. Sun gives Bright and Light, Directing The Way for RACE and for Altar of Eternal Life. Eternity is the Right to Create and the Right to express and form Details. Eternity is the upcoming Truth in the Aquarian Age, realised from Emerald Design and White Fire CORE. In Will of RACE is the Way to Create and the Ability to do so according to Truth and Order. Order is given in LAW and in the Blueprint and in Design of Emerald. An Order in which Life can be created as a Whole. An Order in which the Geometry of Nature can be shown.

Geometrical is the Ordered form of Aquarius, Geometrical is the Wholeness of form. When Geometry is Created, Sun and Moon are Honoured. The Direction and Reflection of their Promised Light is seen and used in Creating. The Path of Nature is the Path in which Humanity Creates with the Light of Sun and Moon, while giving of itself from CORE, from Ordered White Fire. Order in White Fire and Direction and Reflection of Sun and Moon Light combine in the Right to create. Geometry is created in this Communion of Order, Origin and Light. Geometrical Life is Natural Life and making Natural Life is the Path of Nature that can be realised within Humanity.

Walking the Path of Nature, Living the Natural Ability to Create and form, is realising the Geometrical Ordered Patterns in Life her forms. It is a Gift to Terra, because it means she is made as the Altar of Eternal Life. An Altar for Flames and for Details, Present IN White Fire Order. IN Wite Fire is the Way of Love, the Creative Way of Humanity. IN White Fire is The Way of Nature, a Way of Living and Creating Ordered. IN White Fire is the Presence of the LION that makes sure Nature is continuously Present in the Creative Act of Human Life.

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