Forming Eternity

The Motion of Eternal Reality and Gift is the Motion of Living Equality and of Living IN Multiplication. IN Multiplied Truth of the Order of White Fire, we realise the formations of Atoms in the Right of ONE Direction. ONE Direction is The Way and makes Truth visible as Life. ONE Direction is therefore Truth, Way and Life. When formed in the interaction of Human and Nature. This interaction or Communion is a Right given in the fact that you live as Human Being upon Terra. Being Human is Being Naturally Active on Terra from the Rooted State of CORE.

CORE is the given Reality of White Fire Order. CORE is the Natural Right to create Future, to create Eternal Life. CORE is the INNER that may be Expression, Creation. Human RACE is able to form CORE in the Living Motion of Eternity. It can be formed in the Power of Equality. This Equality makes Communion. It is Equality in which Human Being and Nature Being are ONE, Alive in ONE Direction. The Communion of the Creative Wish in Human Being and the Living Wish in Nature Being, defines what life looks like. It defines the formations of the Atoms.

Every formation, every form that is shown, shows the Reality of Human Life. Of consciousness of Human RACE. When we form Eternity, we realise within ourselves that Life is Eternal and that our Ability to Create is Alchemical and unconditional. The Creative Ability does not know any conditions. It knows Order, LAW and Right. It knows Love, Alchemy and HOPE. Creating IN the Motion of Eternity, is creating from CORE and from the Rooted Truth of Living Human Being. Within this Root there is ONE Motion. A Motion in which Nature Elements and Elementals are Active and Present to serve RACE and to serve the Creative Wish that is Destined to be form.

© Ascending All

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