Fire and Ice

Today you will meet the Queen of Ice in all of het Beauty and Order. She will demonstrate the Right to Create and the Right to be beautiful in the Natural Ornament of your Being. You Honour the Light of Sun and you will be Honoured by the Light and Right itself. You Honour the footsteps of the ancestors and you will walk the way to find HOME in the Land of Ice and Fire. It is not easy to fathom the Beauty of Nature or the Ordered Right that Lives IN Nature. You may Honour the Light in Nature and the Beauty that Lives within this Light.

The Original Beginning of Life is the Original Right to be Creative and the Original Start of every little form. The Beauty of form remains when the Original Beginning is Active. When the Active Light is in the Motion of the currents of Well and in the Willingness of Nature to be form. Welcome the Truth of Ice today in the Clear way she shows herself. Welcome the wonders of Nature in all of its aspects, more than you can imagine or envision. The Right to Live, to Breathe and to be Beautiful is one and the same. The Right to make ONE Way Sound in the Universe is the Right to be Human in Union with Well.

Welcome the Order in White Fire, with which Life Begins. Order Begins Life, Order begins form when she is Naturally and Eternally made. We Live in the Land of Ice and Fire and we accompany you on your journey. To be the proud witnesses of students, of teachers, of human beings. We Radiate the Power of Fire and the Willingness of Water to be smooth and perfect. BE the Light of Glory today in the Will to come home and to create this as a HOME for all. 

© Ascending All

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