Expression of Passion

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Bringing Life to the Promise of your Heart is making Life MORE in the Act of Creating. When Creating you Bring Life to the Promise and you bring Promise to Life. Promise in your Heart is the Passion of your INNER, the Passion you are born with. Being born with the Will to create is Being born as Human to Express the Tone of GOD in Detailed Reality of Identity. This Identity is the Promised ONE. You are the Promised ONE. Expressing the Reality of your Being, the Promised Reality of your Self, is forming the Right of Human RACE to be Expression in Will and Wish. This Expression is created in the Passion of your Heartbeat and thereby in the Rhythm of Cosmos. Being Alive in Cosmos is Being Able to Live IN Order of Cosmos and Being part of the Motion of the Whole.

The Promise within your Heartbeat can come to pass when the Rhythm of Natural Life is Active. This is the Rhythm of Cosmic Motion, of the Cosmic Heartbeat. Heart beats in you to Accelerate the Right of your Actions and the Light of your INNER Wish. This Wish is to be Expressed in your Passionate Will, the choices you make by Heart. These choices are made and given in the Rhythm and Motion of Cosmos, whereby an Expression is Created that moves IN the Whole and is ONE with All. The Allness of Life is Expression of ONE Destiny, ONE Tone in Expression. Expressing the Promise in your Being, of your innermost Identity, is creating ONE Way for All of Life while being Alive IN this Way at the same time. The Motion of Cosmos is the momentum you use in Right to be able to Express the Identity of your Promise. The Promised Identity IN you is the ONE you miss, the ONE you long for. This ONE is Passionate and Willing to show Light to All of Life and Wiling to be One with All of Life.

The Passion of your Identity is the Living Reality that realises Community. The Identity in Action is able to Commune and to Multiply the Right to Create, the Right of Light to be Destined in Aquarius and the Right of Order to be Active. Multiplication of Order, of Right and MORE is possible in the Passionate Wish of Promised Identity. Human Being is a Promised Identity. RACE is the Promised Identity of GOD when All wishes are IN Communion Active. As ONE Wish or Passion RACE functions as the Power of GRACE, the Power that makes Life MORE in the Willingness to be Grateful and Merciful. Communion is built upon the Wishes of your Heart, the Wishes of INNER Motion. These Wishes are Active in Cosmic Motion, Active to be Aligned with the Order in Allness.

Realise the fact that your INNER is Identity and that this Identity is Expression in the Act to create, the Act to make Life MORE. This Act comes from the Passion of your Heartbeat and moves forward in the Rhythm of this Heartbeat. ONE Heart is the Heart of Community, the Heart of Terra and Human RACE as ONE.

© Ascending All

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