Eternal Promise

Living Promise is an Eternal Promise given to the Wholeness of Life IN the Order and Light of White Fire. Promise that makes Human a Human Being is the Promise to Create with the Light and Order of White Fire. It is the Promise to Multiply these two and to realise Life. Life created from Ordered White Fire and from Light of White Fire is Eternal. The Eternity of Life is the Equivalent of the Right to Create for Human RACE. RACE is Creative in the Righteousness of Time, in the Light and Right of Eternity. Creative Ability continues in the Motion of Cosmic Order and is Active in the Will to Create and the Will to do as Promised. Promised Way of Human Being is The Way IN Creativity and The Way IN the Original Heartbeat that has made Life on Terra Reality.

Every Human Being lives upon Terra in the Will to Create and the Will to Multiply White Fire Order. Multiplication of White Fire and its Order is the reason for Living upon Terra and for Rooting IN Terra. ONE Way for RACE is the Rooted Way and the Rooted Gift of Creativity. In this Gift the Light of the Detail is given to Creation, as Creation. Which means the Creation becomes Detailed by giving the Promised Expression of Human Being. When a Detail has Expressed itself, Terra and Creation know the Detail and will recognise this Detail in the Will to Express itself. Nature Elements will be acquainted with the Detailed Light and will get more and more acquainted with this Light the more it is given as Expression and Direction to the Elements. Which means the Promise to give Light will be shown by the Elements of Nature in Creation.

The Promise of Human Being to Create Eternity and to form the Eternal Body of Terra, is in Ordered Alignment with the Truth of Nature Elements. Every Element serves the Wish IN Human Detail, IN the RACE as a Whole. ONE Expressed Detail is an invitation to more Details to Express itself. Which is the Path to make Life Lighter, Brighter and Ordered. The Activity of Human Being is the Activity of the Will. Will is Eternally Active, once it is Free. Will is Eternally Present in Creation, when Freely given as Expressed Detailed Wish.

Follow the footsteps of the Teacher to come forth in Right and Order. Follow the footsteps of the student before you, to realise the Light on the Path and to make this Light MORE.

© Ascending All

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