Eternal Love

United IN Terra is The Way to Activate flames in Human RACE and to Activate the Right of Terra to be Altar of Eternal Life. Terra and Venus are the Altar of Eternal Life of Human RACE. To manifest this Eternity and this Life, Human RACE Roots IN Terra and in her CORE. It means RACE connects with the material Reality of planet Terra, with all its physical components. It also means RACE Unites and Communes with the Orde of Terra her CORE. In this Order, Terra is ONE with planet Venus. They function as the Altar in this Union, simply because the form of Altar can only be Reality when Right of Alpha and Right of Omega are both Present. In Active Light of Alpha and of Omega, Life is Created Whole and Ordered. Which means the Principles of both need to be Enlightened.

The Aquarian Age is a NEW Age and a NEW start of the Zodiac cycle. Therefore the Principles of Alpha and Omega need to be Re-Ignited and Enlightened. Alpha and Omega function as Alpha and Omega for an entire Zodiac Wheel. This Wheel is Ordered. In the Right of Alpha and in the Right of Omega, the ordered function of the Wheel will come to pass as form. Alpha and Omega are the Principles and Powers needed in Human RACE to be able to Create. Creating the Eternal Truth of Life means connecting with Terra and Venus and realising the Principles of Alpha and Omega in Consciousness and Awareness. Within this conscious knowing or Awakening is The Way of Creativity that gives Life Eternal form.

The Eternal form of Life is the form of Love, the form of the Loving Origin and of the Loving Beginning. All of Life Begins IN the Power of Love that is in CORE. Love is not fully known within Human RACE. It is a concept that is not easy to grasp, since Consciousness and Awareness have not been growing Equally. In the rising of Awareness in Human RACE, Space is made for the Truth of Love. This Love will be Eternal and will be the form of Details in the Zodiac and in the Ages of Zodiac. Finding the Truth of Eternity as Love, is finding the Righteous Principles of Omega and of Alpha to form with. Life is Active Love, given to make All MORE in Order.

© Ascending All

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