Eternal Creative Wish

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The ongoing process of Life that unfolds and unrolls in the Lines of LAW and in the Perfection of Geometrical Patterns, Reveals itself in the Day Light. Day is the Active Truth of Being Creative, Night is the Truth of Integrating the Creative process and Right. Right to create makes ONE Able to Create Eternity and to create Eternal. Eternal Creativity is the Fire of Human Being, the Fire that makes Life MORE. All Life is Active in the ongoing process of Revelation of Light, the Light that is Revealed in the Act of Human Will and Wish. Wish IN RACE is the Start to create, the Power that Ignites Flames and Expression.

Being Human is Being Able to Create and Being Able to respond to the Right of Creativity IN You. The Announcement that Life will be MORE and Details will be born, is Active in the Right to Create. Coming forth in the Wish of the Original Intent is the Natural State of Human Being, the Harmonious Right of Human Life. Bringing forth the Tone of Aquarius and resonating with this Tone in Expression, is possible within the Wish of Human RACE. Wish is Welcome in the Motion of Eternity and Wish Welcomes this Motion. Eternity is the ongoing Truth of Creativity, making the Light Active in Multiplication, Active to be form of ONE Righteous Tone.

© Ascending All

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