Eternal CORE

The Land of Ice and Fire Lives to realise the Ages of Eternity. These are the Ages in the Zodiac Cycle that has started with the Age of Aquarius. The Cycle continues after this age and becomes the Reality of Living Eternity. A Zodiac cycle, dedicated to the Eternal Beauty of Life and the Eternal Beauty and Promise of Creator itself. Fire and Ice give of itself to the Right of Eternity to BE Life. Earth and Air give of itself to materialise the Perfection of Eternity and to come forth in the Ordered Motion given by Well and White Fire.

In ONE Way is the Way of Comfort, The Way of ONE Living Truth. In ONE Way is the Active Promise of Truthful Radiance. Direction of Aquarius Radiates in the Permission of LAW to Shine and to be Reflected. Within this Permission is Way, is Order and is Eternal Life. Eternity comes forth as the Bliss of Nature, a Bliss given by the Righteousness of every element and Elemental. When IN Right, the Living Future is made in the Union of Elements, Active in the CORE of Being.

CORE of Being is CORE of Maltese Cross. The CORE in which the Ancestors are alive and can give of their Right, Light and Wisdom. The Wise Right to Create is the Right of the Ancestors to be Creative and to Multiply. Using this Right Ordered, Active and Effective, is the Human Task. Human RACE has the task to be Creative to make Life MORE, to make Life Eternal and to make life Equal in the Everlasting Beauty of the Elements in Union. Unite Nature and find Way to Live IN CORE. IN CORE of Terra and IN CORE of Cross Maltese.

© Ascending All

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