Equinox Retreat 2022

September 22 – September 25

You are closing a season and welcoming the next season to give its Gift, its Light and its Right. Realising a creation that belongs to Terra and that is made in hand of Human RACE. Closing the Season that has been, is done with Gratitude to receive the Light of this Season and the Well Being of Summer. In order to Multiply this and bring it forward into Autumn and Winter that will come.

Closing Summer in Gratitude is Being able to Multiply the Light that has been given and that you have been able to receive. In Multiplication you create a Path. Upon this Path you walk and talk, upon this Path you learn. While walking you Root in Terra and specifically in the Land that you call ‘Achterhoek’. It is an area of Beauty and full of history which means that history of humanity is present here and can help you connect to the land and may help you Root.

It is of importance to Root when the Wish is to explore Life, to travel the world both within and in the outer physical reality. Rooting in the Land or area that you call home, is needed to be alive in a base that provides you with the Nurturance, strength and courage to face life and to discover the Light in Life. All that you have to do, is being willing to learn and to row. Because you are able to Multiply the Light when you learn and you are able to Create Life and give Growth. Which means the choice IN you, makes learning MORE and gives MORE to Life and Light.

Welcome the Autumn in Equinox, in the Equality of all four seasons. Welcome the fact that you call Terra home and that you are born to Root. Within this Act of Rooting you create and find the Equality of Details in ONE RACE. You create the Aquarian Beauty that comes with the Four Seasons.

We encourage you to Multiply the Light and to walk IN Right of your Terranean Life. A Life that you choose to Live and that welcomes you in Humanity. BE Human in the Wellness of the ‘Achterhoek’. Be a Son or Daughter of Dwajl Kuhl and dance in the Light of Day and Night to give Right the Light to Live.

© Ascending All

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