Equality in Living

In the Sun of your Life you walk and create the Path of your Life. In the Moon of your Life you realise the form of your Being and give shape to the thoughts and ideas that are active in you. Sun and Moon in Harmony are the Principles of your Detail and the Principles in which you may Express yourself as a Presence in the All. The Allness of Life is Reality in the Harmony of Sun of Solar System and the Moon of Terra. Sun and Moon are United in Light to make ONE Destiny physical in Human RACE and in Human RACE its Creative Wish and Power.

The moment of your birth defines the Right of Sun in you and the Reflection of Moon. The moment of your birth is the Way in physical Promise upon Terra and the Path to learn to get to know thyself. In getting to know thyself, you will find that Life comes to you and receives you in your Detailed Principles and Actions. Life comes to you, because the Light of Sun comes to you and touches you to bring your Signature IN the Light and form with it.

The Sign of Zodiac in which you are born, is the Signature of your Being with the tinge of your Detailed Wish. Detailed Wish is MORE in you and Expressing the Wish will form the forward motion of your Life to come upward when time is ready. You are ready to Fly when the Presence of your Wish is Active in All and when your form has come to the point in which Sun and Moon are Harmonious and Alive.

The Power of Equinox has emphasised the Equality of Sun and Moon and the Equality of the Nature Elements. The Power of Equinox shows that you are Equal to the Light and that therefore you may Live IN the Light. Which means you have the Right to Live IN White Fire Order and meet the Light of Sun. Whereby the Direction of Sun can touch White Fire Order to Express itself in the Destiny of Terra and Human RACE. ONE Destiny is the forward Motion and ONE Praise to Life is the upward motion of the Ascending Promise that Lives in Terra her CORE.

Welcome in Autumn, the Season that makes your INNER Shine.

© Ascending All

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