Equal in ONE Tone

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Living the Tone of Aquarian Reign and Honouring Light in Right of Aquarian LAW and Principles, makes Future rise in The Way. Way is Way of Human and Nature. The Equal Truth of Human and Nature, and the Equal Truth in Nature itself. Fire Element needs to be Equal to the other Elements. Making this Reality IN Forgiveness and Light of Wish, is the Right of Human Being its Creative Power. Being Creative in the Fire of Wish is Being Able to realise Equal Truth in Elements of Nature. Every Element deserves a place and Space to BE, to Reign in its Authority. The Equality of Elements Resonates with the Wish of Human RACE and form the Beauty of GOD’s face. Forming the face of GOD is an Honour and done in Honouring the Light and serving the Allness of Aquarian Communion and Constellation.

Active Sign of Aquarius is Sign to Generate Light, to make Light MORE. Active Sign of Aquarius is the Wish in Human RACE that Radiates with renewed Power and Will to come forth in Light as Life. To come forth as the Living Reality of Details in Communion. Details empowered by GOD’s Will. The Way is Way of Equality in Nature, needed to form the Loving form of Life. The Comfortable Right of Matter to be Spirit. Walk on and realise the Will of GOD in Wish. A Will that gives Tone of Aquarius into the Elements of Nature and their Loving Act.

© Ascending All

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