Equal Human Nature

The Equal Reality of Light in every Human Being is Destined to be Expression. This Reality is the Detailed Eternity of Life. Equality of Light in Human Being is the Destiny of Eternal Life within Human Being. RACE is Destined to Create Eternity and this is only possible in the Equal Truth of Light given in Sun and Moon, in the Promise of planet Terra and in the Rooted State of Human Nature. Power of Human Nature creates Eternity and Lives Eternal. Coming forth in the Light is coming forth in Equality. When All come forth in Equality of Light, Equilibrium is fact. It means that Light of INNER Expands in Multiplication and this makes Life MORE from the Origin of Life itself.

Light within CORE of Human Being is the Ordered Light of Origin, the Order of White Fire. CORE is the Beginning of Expression, Beginning of your existence as Human Being. Being Human means to be Creative to Multiply the Power of CORE and to create the Destined form of CORE. CORE is the Motion within Human RACE of Ordered White Fire, of the Origin of Life. When the Origin is IN Motion and Honoured in Motion, Origin becomes MORE and is able to touch Nature. Thereby Life is formed in the continuous Motion of White Fire Order, a Motion Active in the Creative Wish and Will of Human RACE.

Being able to create is being able to Multiply White Fire. It is the ability to create Eternal and to make Life Ordered, Clear and Straight. This Ability is the Power of the Alchemist in Human Being, a Power of Human Nature. Nature of Human is Alchemical and Multiplies the Origin of Living because this Origin is Honoured and always served. Serving the Origin, the Beginning of Human Existence, is serving the purpose of Human Existence. This makes Eternity Reality as Life on Terra and as Expanded CORE of Terra.

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