Ending September

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Future Lives in the Right of Sun to Direct and in the Right of Moon to Reflect. Future Lives in the constant Motion of Light in which Eternity is Reality. Forming the Pathway of Eternal Life, the form that Lives continuously and is able to realise Christ, is Being Human in its most Natural Act. Active Human Being is Creative, is Able to move within the Light and Right of GOD’s Creative Will and Wish. Wish is IN RACE, IN the Power to Create. Wish is IN the Active Design of Emerald Truth and Roots in Terra to Glorify Cosmos and her Order.

Cosmic Order makes ONE Tone Sound and is Active to make Nature Sing. Cosmic Order is the Beginning for Life on Terra, for Eternal Life. Being Aware of the Light in Sun and Moon, the Rhythm of their Gift, is Being IN Education Present and forming Life. Living Human Being is Aligned with the Order in Cosmos and makes Life MORE by adding Light to Life. Being Willing to Graduate in the Light, is Being Willing to make All Life MORE and to Realise Eternity of Detailed Right.

September has Honoured the Gift of Education in Sun and Moon Light, in Rhythm of Living. September has shown a Path in the Light and in the Origin, a Path that comes from Cosmic Truth. Align with the Truth and find Peace in Heart and Body. Align with the Comfort of Light in Motion and make October a Beautiful Sign in Autumn.

© Ascending All

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