Ending September

September is ending and a season just started. September gave her Impulse to be Creative as RACE and in this impulse the Autumn has started. To realise our INNER Worth and to make the Seed Root. The Power of September is an enormous Power that makes Life connect with itself and that gives RACE the Right and Empowerment to be Creative IN Right and IN Communion. The month is The Way to connect and to find the Harmony of Sun and Moon in the Equality of Life. Which is why the Equinox is Active in September. The Righteous September Power enhances Gift of Equinox and Equinox emphasises the September Truth.

Now Autumn is Present and giving of her Bliss, her Rain and Beauty. Within this Beauty is The Way for Humanity to be Creative and to be Righteous Creative. Which means to be Active in the Principles of Aquarius, in the Reigning Age of Today. Today is a day to Celebrate the fact that a new Month will come soon. It means the last three months of 2022 will start and this also means a new episode of the year. The last three months symbolise the physical Right of Life and of Existing. These months are able to uplift the physical circumstances, to Enlighten the Reality of the physical. In the last three months of 2022, Life will be Celebrated in the gifted Way. Which is The Way of Detailed Gifts, of Righteousness in Expression and Creating.

At the end of September you may Celebrate the fact that the last part of the year is coming. And you may Invite this part, welcome the Right of Autumn and of Winter that will follow Autumn. All that is IN You will Root in Autumn, will be Blessed in Winter and can come out as Expression in Spring when the Sun receives her Sign to Direct All Life to Resurrect. Find thus the Equality of Elements, of Humanity, of Sun and Moon, of Seasons. Find this and connect to Life. Connect to the Gift IN Life, which is the Essence of September Beauty.

© Ascending All

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