Elijah’s HOPE

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Today a NEW Star rises! The Star of Elijah will Shine Bright and Beautiful in the Action of Will to bring forth the Word and Vision in the Aquarian Age. Launching the website with the token of Elijah and the Power of the Maltese Cross, is making Life MORE and bringing forth a Vision of Renewal and Future. Brightness of Elijah touches the Light of the world today, touches the Light of Humanity in the corners of their Consciousness. Bringing the Tone of the Aquarian Age in every step you take, is bringing the NEW Right of Living. Every Action taken in the Wholeness of Allness and in the Power of Love and Will, serves the Allness and makes Cosmos MORE. The Expansion of Life, of Cosmos, is Reality in the Willingness to serve Life and to renew the Principles in which Life is created. Renewal is the Promise of Aquarius and is the Right of Humanity.

In Renewal is The Way of the Tone of Aquarius, The Way of the Ruby Reality IN Terra given. IN Terra is the Promised Right of Activity of Details. IN Terra is the Power and Ability to serve All Flames in RACE and to make ONE Active RACE in the Name and Power of GOD. IN Terra is the Promise of Wholeness and of Ordered Motion. Rooting in her CORE and communing with her Light, gives the Right START of Life and the Beginning of Future. The Star that rises today is the Star of HOPE, the Star that brings forth a NEW day and a NEW Way. Humanity Lives upon The Way of Eternity, a Way that will colour Ruby in the Actions of Aquarian Truth. Truth is given in the Word and Truth is seen in the Vision. Truth realises One Active Design for Humanity to be Human RACE. Forming Life in the Power of Eternity, in the Promise of Cosmic Order, is forming Life in the Beginning of All and in the Ending of ONE. ONE Way is Active today. And this Way receives the Impulse of Multiplication, the Pulsation of the Power of the Kumara’s in which the Multiplication of Twelve is Active.

Realise that Twelve is the number that Honours Direction, that Honours ONE Way to go. Realise that All Will Shine in the Perfect Multiplication, in the Star of Elijah’s HOPE.

© Ascending All

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