Elemental Nature

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Eternal Right to Create and to be Human is given in the Elements of Nature. These Elements Wish to form the CORE of Human Being and to make this CORE Eternal in the Rhythm of Sun and Moon. Elements of Nature realise Life in Power of Sun and Moon, in the Motion of Light that is Right in Cosmos. Cosmic Motion and Cosmic Order are Active in the Right to create of Human RACE. Humanity Creates and makes Terra Alive and realises the Perfection of her Singularity as Expression. In the Creative Wish of RACE, Terra Expands. Because of her Expansion, Cosmic Order and the Reality of Solar System is effected. Consequence of Growth in Terra, is Growth for All.

Nature Elements (Water, Air, Fire and Earth) hear the Tone of Aquarius and are able to Resonate with the Wish in Humanity. The Elements ask for the Alignment with Sun and the Alignment in Ordered Truth. Because they are Willing to form the Living Tone of Aquarius, a Tone that does not only Sound, but also Lives as Creation. Eternity is created in the Promise of Nature to give Life in the Ordered Truth of Cosmos and to make Light MORE by forming it in the Righteousness of Age or Ages. Within this Righteousness is Eternity and is Eternal Life. Life Lives in the Power of Nature, the Wishful Power of Nature. ONE Element is Wholeness of Nature, Wholeness of a form given to serve Aquarius and to Honour the Resonance of its Tone.

Human RACE may Grow in the Perfection of ONE Way and ONE Order. Human RACE may realise the Righteous Creativity of CORE in Expressing the service to Allness. In this service is the Living Truth of the Aquarian mantra, that All is ONE and One is All.

© Ascending All

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