Education is Motion

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Educating Humanity with the Light of Sun and Moon is Educating the Right to Create. To express Detailed Righteousness and to use the Light Right. Education is given in Light of Sun and Moon, to realise the Well Being of All Life and to bring forth the right use of Light. Light given IN Education can be used IN Right. Education is to receive the Motion of Light, the Motion realised in Light by Sun and Moon, by Direction and Reflection. Motion makes Education possible, but Motion IS Education in this case. Within the Motion of Light Human Being can be taught to create, to form the Light, to apply Creative Wish. All is done in the Motion of Eternity, the Motion of Cosmic Order.

Rooting in Terra is Rooting in the Motion of her Orbit and in her Destiny that Lives within this Motion. Rooting is meeting the Right of Creative Ability in yourself, to fulfil Destiny of Terra and to make her and All MORE. MORE Light is given by the Act of Human RACE to choose to move, to choose to Honour the Motion of Light. Which is the Right of Sun and Moon to BE Present. In their Presence is the Truth of Education, the Truth of Living ONE Way that gives Growth, Expansion and Renewal. The Continuous Renewal of Light is Eternity. Therefore Sun and Moon are the Wish of Eternity, the bringers of Eternity.

ONE Way is Righteous and is to be created by Human Hand. Human RACE may rise in the Light of Sun and Moon, to be taught in the Creative Wish, the Creative Ability in CORE.

© Ascending All

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