Easter morning

We came together on the Domain to celebrate Easter.


In the Hierarchy of Life we are All Present, Present to give of our Awareness, of our Consciousness, of our Being, of our Wish and of our Heartbeat.

In the Hierarchy of Life we are Present to give of ourselves and to Express the Light to make Life or to Be Life. Within this Hierarchy is the Truth of Equilibrium, the Truth of Ascension, the Truth of Resurrection. There is the Truth of being Transparent. And in this Transparency is the Equality of Awareness and Consciousness, the Equality of All Details in Life.

We are Present within the Hierarchy of Life to come to the point of our Being in which we know who we are, in which we know that we Wish and in which we know that we will give. In this point of being you are Equal to All that is Life and to All that is Light. And thus the Celebration of the Resurrection is the Celebration of the Equilibrium, the Celebration of the fact that IN Equality Resurrection and Ascension starts. The Truth of Being is that you are Active in Equilibrium, IN Hierarchy of Life. Because the Hierarchy of Life is the Hierarchy of the Truth of Equality, it is the Presence of Equilibrium. And within thus Equilibrium you are able to give of yourself, to give of your Free Will. To give of your Mind and your Heart in Union. To give of your Body as Communion. You are Present within Equilibrium within Hierarchy, to be the Detailed Identity that you are Born to Be.

Within the Promise and Hope of the Aquarian Age, the Hierarchy of Life is changing and this is so because LAW Commands a New Time, LAW Commands New and Renewed Life. LAW Commands a change as it is given in the Order of Cosmos. And when the Hierarchy of Life is changing or renewing itself, the Equilibrium is Resurrecting, the Equilibrium in which All are Equal and in which All of us, All of Human Beings, Nature Beings, Angels and so on are able to find the Spiral of Ascension within This Age. The Spiral of Ascension is Active in the Hierarchy of Life, so it can chance. The Spiral of Ascension is Active within the Equilibrium that is Present within the Hierarchy. And therefore ALL of Life and Light is Active within Ascension. To find the Promise of the Aquarian Age and to Live this Promise, to Materialise this Promise, we need the Truth of the changing Hierarchy. We need the Truth of Equilibrium.

Therefore today we may focus on Equilibrium and we may Celebrate this Aspect of Truth. In Celebrating this Truth, the Truth of Equilibrium, we Celebrate the fact that Ascension and Resurrection are Real and that Ascension and Resurrection are Present within the Age of Aquarius because Aquarius is Hope and Aquarius is the Promise of the Heartbeat that Beats in Cosmos right now. A Promise that gives All the Enlightenment. A Promise that gives All the Resurrection and Ascension. A Promise in which All of us is Free to Express our Willingness to Live, our Willingness to Be.

And in our Willingness to Be we are Present within the Hierarchy of Life. We Form this Hierarchy. We Form Life. So Celebrate the Ascension, Celebrate the Resurrection and Celebrate for sure the Equilibrium because in Equilibrium there is Truth, the Truth of Hierarchy, the Truth of Ascension. The Truth that We are ALL ONE, in ONE Flame, in ONE Name and in ONE Promise of the Aquarian LAW.

© Ascending All

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