Duty of RACE

Officially it is the Age of Aquarius which means that Officially this Constellation is IN Reign of GOD Government Active. And this is Truth and fact. While Creation is still Active in the former Age or Ages, seemingly reluctant to change or move with the Tone of Aquarius. This may seem so, but is not the fact. Matter hears the Tone of Aquarius and Lives to Honour and Obey this Tone and Reign. But, Humanity is creator of the Age and of its physical Expression. Consciousness of Human RACE is currently shifting its attention from one Sound and Command to the next Sound and Command. To the Command of Aquarian LAW and to the Tone of Aquarian Right.

Right of Aquarius will come to pass as Creation when the base for this NEW Creation is completed. The base is a Union and cooperation of Emerald Design, Blueprint, Aquarian LAW and of course the Maltese Cross. These 4 are in need of the Consciousness of MAN, Consciousness of HuMAN. They are in need of this Consciousness, because this is the only way to be physical Life as Right. At the same time Human RACE is in need of the base for Creation in the Age of Aquarius. Human RACE is in need of the Power that enables them to create HOME, the Eternal State of Detailed Expression.

Living the Path of ONE Tone and LAW and Creating this as Life, is the Duty and Beauty of RACE. Duty to be Creative is Duty to Live United as Human Being. United with LAW, with Blueprint, with Emerald Design and Maltese Cross. LAW in Aquarius gives Command to Live United, to Create United and to BE United Human. Which gives Lines to Honour and to create this Order as physical Right for All Detailed Expression to BE HOME and to realise the Eternal Power of Aquarius as Life.

© Ascending All

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