Divine Will

Divine is the Will when used in Freedom which is the Free Reign and Ability to Direct the Light of the Aquarian Age. This Light is Authorised to be formations of Atoms, to be Life itself. Directing Authorised Light and Reflecting this Light, makes Life the Aquarian Promise, the form of Golden Truth. The Age of Aquarius is given to realise a NEW Living form, a NEW Reality of Life. This is the Reality of Wholeness, of Equality, of Harmony and other Details Active in the Constellation. The Constellation in Cosmos is Active to Reign the Light of Cosmos as it has Authority to Reign. The Power and Right of Aquarius is received in the Sun of Solar System and may be Directed by Human RACE within this Light.

Right to Create in Human RACE is the Right to Direct the Light of Sun. Light of Sun makes Life possible. Without Sun there would not be Life on Terra. This is True because RACE on Terra Directs this Light into Life. Without Human RACE as Creator, there would not be Life on Terra. Meaning that Light of Sun is in itself still Light. It becomes MORE when it is Directed, when Light can move and be Reflected. The Reflection of Light realises Motion. Motion is given from the Wish within Human Being. Directing or Reflecting the Light is all done in the True Power of Wish IN Human Being. This Wish is Divine by the very fact that it is Active because of the Spark of GOD.

Each Wish has a Right to be Expressed because it is Ignited by a Spark of GOD, in the Authority of GOD Government. Divine Direction is the Reality of Wish IN Will of Human Being that Directs and Reflects the Light of Sun to be Life. The Governmental Right in Wish is the Right to Create, the Right to Express Wish. Meaning that Will used in Right is Will applied in Government of GOD. This is what we can call Divine Will. Will is Free when used in the Right of Governmental Power that Reigns in Cosmos.

In the Order of Cosmos Aquarius is the Age that Reigns now. IN the Order of Cosmos, is Government of GOD. It means that Will in Human RACE that is used in Right, is always connected with the Motion and Order of Cosmos. Applying the Will IN Wish, creates Life that is Righteously according to the Cosmic Evolution or Motion. Creating Aquarius is possible by realising Will IN Wish, a Will that is Divine and Human. It is the Free Power of Human RACE that is Truly Creative and Truly Active to make Life unroll as Ordered.

© Ascending All

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