To fulfil the Right of Creativity IN Human Being, ONE must create Ordered. Expressing the Tone of Aquarius and making Life the Aquarian form, is possible in the Creative Ability and Opportunities of Human RACE. Human RACE is the Creative ONE, Creator of its own Life, Creator of Life on planet Terra. To be Creative means to be part of the Cosmic Motion, Order and Hierarchy. The Hierarchy of Life on planet Terra, exists in the Hierarchy of Cosmos. IN Cosmic Order is the Right to be Creative on Terra. IN Cosmic Order the Hierarchy functions to realise the continuous Expansion of Cosmos. When Hierarchy gives Expansion and MORE, the Right in Hierarchy is Present. This Right comes from the LAW of GOD Government, the LAW Active for planet Terra.

Right of creativity IN Human Being is given in LAW and sealed in LAW. The LAW for Terra, Active in the Aquarian Age, Orders the Creative Power as Wish and makes it possible that a Creative Act can be given. Purpose of Human Being its Creative Right is to Multiply the Light of Cosmos, to Multiply the Order of White Fire Activated in Governmental Power of Cosmic Order. ONE Way on Terra is The Way in which Light is Active, born and Multiplied. ONE Way is the Active Right of Creativity IN Human RACE, Expressed to build Terra as a HOME for All. Creative Right and Power gives to All and comes from ONE.

ONE is the Wish, the Right and the Order United. ONE is the Willingness to serve Allness and to realise Details in Allness. ONE RACE is the Creative RACE, the Creative ONE. In Being Creative and Expressing the Truth of INNER, ONE Creates and forms. The result is a Life that shows ONE, that IS ONE and that makes All Details MORE. The Promise of Creator to Multiply is the Right in Human Being to do so. 

© Ascending All

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