Creative to Multiply

Life is the Giver of NEW Light and NEW Details. Realising itself in the Multiplication of White Fire and its Right to Exist. Human RACE Multiplies White Fire IN Order, IN the Right to be Creative. Being Creative is Being Human on planet Terra. Being Creative is Being Active to Align oneself with the Order in Cosmos and with the given Nature of the current Age. Aquarius is the Reigning Age, the Age that gives of itself in the Order of entire Cosmos. Cosmos is the Space for Details to be. Terra is the Space for Details to be Expression within the Existence of Human RACE.

ONE RACE Creates The Way of HOPE, which is the Way of Details and of Exploring the Light of the Age. Multiplication is a Natural Right in Aquarius that comes with the NEW Commands in LAW. The Aquarian LAW brings the Light of Aquarius to realise Life. Bringing this Light is done in the Gift of Commanding Nature. A Nature IN LAW that makes Right and Order as Lines for Living Creativity and for Life itself.

The Living Creativity is the Power in Human RACE that Breathes. The Creative Power and Will is the Light and Brightness of Human CORE. CORE is the Truth of Humanity that needs to be Nurtured, that needs Attention to Blossom and to become MORE. This Attention realises the Geometrical Expression of CORE, the Gift of Lines in Order that form the Geometry of Planet Terra as HOME for RACE. A HOME in which the CORE is Nurtured and Expressed, Seen and Multiplied.

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