Creative to Multiply

The Right to be Creative is given to Human RACE to be able to form the Righteous Path in which Growth and Natural Expansion of Cosmos is possible. This Expansion is Natural in the Creative and Alchemical Power of Humanity. Expanding the Cosmic Order is necessity for Cosmos, a process IN Right for the Universe. The LAWs of the Universe are given to make Expansion possible and mostly, to make this a Natural process. In Ordered White Fire, Expansion and Multiplication, IS a Natural process. Something that is Natural to White Fire. But Ordered White Fire is appointed to be the Source or Origin of Life for Terra. Which means Ordered White Fire Expands in the hands of Human RACE, Multiplying the Order and White Fire itself. Expansion is Natural, but comes from the Creative act of Humanity. Which is why Humanity needs to Awaken in its Nature, to be able to give Opportunity to the Light and Right of and on Terra.

Direction of Sun is received in the Northern Light and in the Northern Truth. Receiving this Direction is needed for RACE to know The Way and to realise Path in which this Direction is Reflected as Life, as The Way. Northern Light and Principles are given to Humanity to reach them, to touch them. To touch RACE by Teaching them and by Teaching The Way. ONE Way is the Promised Truth for All Details in Humanity. ONE Way is the Direction which is GOOD for All. GOOD to Honour the Light and to be Honoured in the Light. GOOD to walk the Path that leads to Multiplied Truth and Multiplied Order.

Human RACE IS Creative RACE. Creative to Multiply and to give Expansion to Cosmos. Creative to form the Living Purpose as Directed in Sun Light. Reflection is the Tone in Water that gives all Space to Live and to be Fruitful in Detailed manner.

© Ascending All

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