Creative Rays

In the 7 Creative Rays is the Activity of Sun and Moon a fact. Sun and Moon Live United in the Creative Ability of Human Being Rooted in Terra. Sun and Moon are ONE IN the Rooted State of Human RACE. Within this Oneness is The Way of Ascension, which is the Right to Create Eternity. Creating Eternity and Living Eternal is applying the Right to Create and the Right to do so for Eternity and IN Eternity. Eternal Creative Power is the Natural Power in Human Being. A Power that is Directed by Sun and that is Reflected by Moon. The Reflection of Moon shows what form can be in the Direction that is given by Sun. Reflection shows The Way of Eternal Gravity and of the Right to materialise a Clear Creation.

The 7 Rays are induced by the Light of Sun and Moon. The 7 Rays are Active IN Human RACE and need to be applied now in the Age of Aquarius and her Principles. Therefore we need to make the transition to the Fullness of Creative Power. This Transition is given in the Inspiration of Holy Spirit and in the Reality of the Expanding Mind. The Fullness of Creativity is Revealed when the 7 Creative Rays are Reflected by the Rays that Reflect the Eternal Direction of Sun. These Rays are the Rays to create Eternal and to Create Ascension, in the United Truth of All Rays. The Wholeness of the Rays, the Wholeness of the Detailed Gifts in Sun Direction.

Every Ray IN Sun given, is a Ray to Direct the Creative Will and Wish in Human Being. Human Being may be Creative to serve All, to realise Wholeness and to make the Transition of Life into the Eternal Gravity. Eternal Gravity is the Gravity in which Human Being Blossoms as Detail and realises the Material Truth of the physical Ascension. Which means a State in which Light IS Motion and always Active in the Ascending Spiral. The Spiral upwards is Active in Eternal Gravity, Active to raise All Life and to serve All Life in this manner.

Transition is the Gift of Holy Spirit. A gift in which All Life Unites in the Principles of Aquarius as the Alpha and Omega Right to be Active. Human RACE is Active in the Right of Alpha and Omega to Create and to give Eternal Life the Right to BE Ascension.  

© Ascending All

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