Creative RACE

We are all arranged in an Order that gives us Life. Within this Order our Right to Exist, to Breathe and to Multiply, is Sealed. The Sealed Right to come forth as Human Being is the Right that gives us Creative Power. We can only come forth by the Creativity of our INNER, of our Flame that makes us Human. Being Creative and applying this Creativity is coming forth as Human Being. Coming forth with the Wish of your INNER, which is the Reason for you to be Alive on Terra. The Wish is your Right to Exist, the reason that you Breathe on Terra. Wish IN you is the Righteous ONE that may Express itself and that may Accelerate the Light to Multiply White Fire IN Order. Accelerating the Light is done in the Creativity of Human RACE. In the Acceleration of Light is Opportunity to Multiply White Fire. Choosing the Light is the first step towards Multiplication. When Multiplication is fact, Geometry will be formed in the Creative Expression of Being Human.

To Live upon Terra is to Create Terra and upon Terra, showing yourself while Creating. Creativity is the Power that makes Human Being visible. Which means it makes the INNER of RACE visible, the CORE of the entire RACE. The Right to Create is Equal to the Right to be seen. The Right to Create makes Human Being form and shows itself while forming. The Ability to Create is the Ability to be Human. The Right to be Human is in the fact that your Wish is invited to be Present on Terra and invited to be Created. ONE Wish in All of RACE makes Creativity MORE and realises a World in which All Breathe the Perfect Pure Air and in which All see the Beauty of the Eternal Creative Power of Humanity.

The Beauty of Creativity is the Beauty of your INNER, of your CORE, it is the Beauty of your Wish. Wish is your Reason for Being. The Reason to Create, to Breathe and to Exist. Finding this Reason is finding The Way of the Light, The Way of HOPE that gives Space for Creative Expression. ONE Way is the Human Way upon Terra and Terra is the Altar for Eternal Life that is Created IN Human’s Creative Power.

© Ascending All

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