Creative RACE in September

September Lives in the Will of Human RACE to create the Right of Aquarius and the upcoming Light in the Spiral of Ascension. The Will to Create is Active in the Blossoming Right to be Human and to be Active within the CORE of Human. CORE of RACE is the Nature of RACE in which the Ability to Create is Present. This Ability is Enlightened by LAW and Commanded by LAW to be Active IN Aquarian Right and Pulse. The Pulsating Power of the Constellation of Aquarius moves all forward and upward, so the Wheel of Zodiac keeps on turning. It ensures Future for the Generations to come and for the Will IN RACE that says Life is GOOD.

The GOOD of Life is created in the Hands of Human RACE, the Hands that serve the Allness of Life and Power within All. Serving All while Creating the Detailed Expression, is serving the Light of the INNER Wish. Within this Wish, Life is formed. Within this Wish, Human RACE is Active as ONE. ONE Active Motion is the Living NEW for All to see. ONE Living Action that makes the Wheel go round, is the Ascension in which all of Life Blossoms. Terra is the Altar for Eternal Life. In the Creative Wish and Will of Human RACE, this Altar fulfils her Destiny and Goal.

The Right of Aquarius to be Creative is the NEW Right. Which means we get to create with NEW Light. Getting to know this Light and Right and beginning to resonate with the Creativity IN Aquarius, is the purpose of September. A Purpose to come into the Light of Aquarian Way and Ray. Live the NEW Active Creative Power and make All Life Shine in the Promise of ONE Age and the Willingness to serve this Age and MORE. The MORE of Aquarius is Future and Eternity, the MORE of Light is the Ascending Spiral of Life.

© Ascending All

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