Creative Power in moment of Equinox

Creative Nature of Human RACE is CORE of our Human existence. We exist to create, to form Life in the Motion of Cosmos upon Terra. When we celebrate the Light within the moment of Equinox, we celebrate the fact that we are creative as RACE. In our response to the Light within, lies our Creative Power. This Power is our Alchemical Truth, our Alchemical Being. Being an Alchemist as Human Being is realising Life in the Order Light of Cosmos. Within this Light is the Righteous Motion and thereby the Directive Truth for Life. In the Right to Reflect the Light, Life is formed in the constant Motion of Light in Cosmic Order.

Cosmic Order is the Ordered Truth for Humanity. We live upon planet Terra but we function within the Order of Cosmos. From Cosmic Order and LAW a LAW and Order is present upon planet Terra. Law and Order upon Terra are given to give Lines in which the Light of our Creative CORE can flow. Within these Lines the Creation of our creative actions can exist. The purpose of LAW is to give these Lines so Creation can continue its Motion of Light. It means the Beginning of Creative Act is IN Creation.

The Power of focusing our attention upon the Light is the Power of Creator. When we choose to be focused upon the Light in Equinox, we choose to Accelerate the Light of Life. Which is the Light within ourselves. We may expand our CORE, the CORE of Terra and thereby we expand Cosmos. We have the power to Expand Cosmos. We are Alchemists in the Right use of Light and the Right Activity of our Attention.

May we focus upon the Light IN Motion to realise Life in the Powerful Act of our Creative Will and Wish. Light is IN Direction and IN Reflection, in the CORE of Human Existence.

© Ascending All

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