Creating with GOD

ONE Way is the Action of Direction in Right. A way that gives Space to mankind. Space in which Life grows and develops in the Multiplication of Light. This Light carries the Tone of Aquarius and comes from the Power of GOD itself. GOD Power is in the Right of Logos to Sound. In the name Logos is the Reality of Light of GOD. GOD’s Light carries a Sound, a Tone. The Aquarian Age gives her resonance to the Light of GOD and makes it possible that a NEW form can come to pass. It is up to Humanity, up to men and women, to form the Living Truth of the Aquarian Light. To form the Power of ONE Way and of ONE Future and Destiny.

Destiny is Active in the CORE of Terra, a Destiny that is given to the Order of White Fire in her CORE. When White Fire Order has a Destiny, it can be formed into Life, in the Natural Life of the Origin. White Fire is the Origin of Life when she is Ordered. Ordered White Fire, White Fire Order, is the Essence of Life that is under Command of LAW. White Fire is Ordered to be Life, Ordered to make the Light of Aquarius as Life. Which means the merging of White Fire that is Ordered with Light of Aquarius that is Active IN Order, makes NEW Life.

Order of White Fire can be form in this Age from the base of Maltese Cross. A base in which Human Being is the key. Creative Will and Wish of Human Being Activates Maltese Cross as the basic form for Creation and for Creativity. Expressing oneself as ONE Wish is done in the centre of Maltese Cross, Expressing the Light of Aquarius and the Order of White fire from CORE. CORE of Human Being is able to be form of Wish, to be the form of the Detailed Promise IN Human Being. ONE MAN can lead and Reign to have Future unroll as ONE Way in the Order given by LAW. ONE MAN is the Reality of White Fire IN Command and thus of Obeying this Command.

All who gather in the Sound of Aquarius to be a priest under the leadership of Melchizedek, is IN White Fire Order and has opportunity to learn to Obey the Command in which White Fire will be Multiplied for the GOOD of All. Which means the Prayer of Logos, the Prayer IN GOD’s Light, will come to pass as LIFE.

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