Creating Order

The Right to create Ordered is given in the Right to be Human. This Right is Active within the Origin of Human RACE, in White Fire Order. Because this Origin is Order and Ordered, the Order can be Expression, a Creation. A creation made by Human Power. Forming the Wise Domain of Father is forming the Ordered Expression of White Fire, of the INNER in Human Being. This INNER is Active in Order, Active in the Motion of entire Cosmos. The Cosmic Order Activates Human Creativity and Inspires this Creativity. To be able to create, one needs the Motion of Cosmos. To be able to create Ordered, one needs to create from the INNER, from the Origin.

This means Human RACE needs to be connected to the Origin while Creating. We are connected to the Origin, we live from this Origin. But Creativity is an Act given from Consciousness and Awareness. Therefore it is Consciousness that defines if a Creative Action is Ordered and if it Creates Orderly. Consciousness of Human RACE is Enlightened by the Power of Awareness. The more we are Aware of the fact that we live from an Original Beginning, from an Origin, the more we can be Conscious of this. The Conscious Expression of Origin, of our INNER, can be given when we choose to do so. Human RACE can apply Will to consciously Create Order, to consciously Create ONE Way for All of Humanity. In this Way is ONE Direction, the Direction that is Active in Order of Cosmos and Active in the Order of Solar System in which Terra has a place.

Being Human means to be Creative upon planet Terra. Being Human means to be Active in the Design upon Terra, the Emerald Design. When Rooting in this Design, Human Being is Inspired to Live Ordered and to Awaken in the Creative Action. In the Truth of this Creativity. An Awake Human Being is able to Honour All of Life. The Creative Act is the most Natural Act of Human Being. Honouring Life is given in this Natural Act. In the Act to come forth as ONE Expression, as ONE Truth of Being Human.

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