Creating Order and Orderly

Sun is given Right to Shine and to Direct in the Will of Human Being to Honour and to Obey. Obeying the Order of Cosmos manifests Right in RACE, which is Reflected and given to Cosmos, given to Sun of Solar System. Human Being is able to learn the Aquarian Way of creating, The Way of Directing and Reflecting. In this Way Sun is Honoured and Order within Sun Present is Obeyed. The Order of White Fire is within Human Being and Sun. The Order of Aquarius is in every Sun Ray Present. Touch of Sun realises the Alignment with Aquarius, whereby Ordered White Fire in Human RACE is Awakened within Aquarian Order. Life therefore can be formed according to the Aquarian Principles, to the Aquarian Light.

Direction and Reflection are an ability in RACE. It is part of the Creative and Ordered Ability in which Human RACE makes Life MORE. MORE Life means MORE Light and adds Light to Life. The Effect of Direction and Reflection, or Light that is IN Motion, is Ascension and Multiplication of Ordered White Fire. Ascension is the Reality of Multiplication of White Fire, of Origin. Original Life is  Life IN Motion, Atom and Cells IN Motion. Every Atom can be Aligned with Sun Light, can be Active in Multiplication. Every Atom can be part of the Aquarian Order, Honouring Sun and Obeying the Order within CORE. The fact that this is possible, gives Human RACE Opportunity to Create Order and to create Orderly.

Creating Order is Creating in Honour of Sun Ray, in Honour of Terra her Orbit and Destiny. Creating Orderly is Multiplying the INNER, the Origin. Doing so gives Motion to White Fire and Motion to Light of Sun. Aquarian Light is Light IN Order, Light that shows The Way and will be The Way in Will of Human Being to realise Equal Truth of Light in All. Equal Truth of Light in every Atom.

© Ascending All

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