Creating Light into Life

Ordered and Bright is Light that is Directed in Wish and Honour of Human Being. Once Directed, Light is Active in the Multiplication of Ordered White Fire, because True and Right Direction always Directs Light into the Ordered Origin. From this Origin, it can be Expression as Ordered form, Living form. Life created in the Wish and Honour of Human RACE is Eternal. Manifesting the Detailed Truth of Eternal Life is making Direction Active and realising the form of this Direction. Reflective Truth realises the Beauty of Light Directed into Ordered White Fire. Reflection is the Power and Quality that forms Light into Life, in to a Detailed Shape that fills Space. It fulfils the Order of the Origin and makes Order MORE. MORE Order enables All to grow, to come forth in the Space of Cosmic Truth.

Wish in Human RACE is the Beginning of Living and the Beginning of Direction and Reflection in either Male or Female. ONE Direction is Active in the Age of Aquarius, a Direction to make Detailed Life Shine. Detailed Constellation makes Detailed Formations of Atoms in Honouring of Ordered Truth and Right. Ordered Right is the Right to Create and to Radiate. The Right to make Life Shine in the fact that Order is Activated in Direction and Reflection. Creation showing the Order of Cosmos is Ordered Life. Wholeness is formed in Order, in the Ordered Truth of Cosmic Light. Truth moves, Truth is Active. And she is in Order in the Light of Cosmos that is Directed in the Will of Government and the Wish of GOD in All.

© Ascending All

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