Creating is Loving

In ONE Action is Way of Love. In ONE Way is the Ascension for All. And in ONE Realised Creation is the Expression of GOD a fact. The beginning of this Creation is Order. The beginning of Expressing GOD is IN Order. The Order to realise the unfoldment of LAW and the unfoldment of the CORE in Human RACE. RACE is creative and Loves to Create. RACE is the Action of GOD itself and finds Way to manifest MORE Life and MORE Beauty. The Union of GOD and MAN is the Union of Creative Direction. This Union is the Promised Gift Being Human. Being the Man that Honours North and is United in this fact.

The Way of Love is Full of Forgiveness and full of Growth. The Way of Love is Active in the Right to Create and in the Will to come forth in the Alchemical Power of Being Human. Human lives Eternally in the creative Worth of CORE. Human Lives IN design to realise the Ordered Way of Living as Love and as Eternity. The Act to Create is ONE Act. It is given by choice and by applying the Will to Create. Right in Human Being is the Right to come forth as GOD, as the Creative Ability of GOD.

Tone of Aquarius touches the Right of Human Being to BE Active from INNER, from the Order within. Tone of Aquarius Calls for the Ordered Human Being to Express itself and to be Creative IN Ordered Lines. Forming the Geometry of Order as LIFE is the Love of Human Being. Realising Life is the Gift in Human RACE, a Gift that brings Joy to All. Life is Love in Action. Life is the Creative Will in Expression. Life is the Active Design of Emerald, given to be ONE form and shape. ONE Right in Creative Actions.

© Ascending All

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