Creating Comfort in Expansion

We worship the idea of comfort and the illusion of living free. We worship this because we do not choose to learn as a collective. The Masters we have seen in time have made a choice to grow, to learn and to realise NEW insights. These insights have been given to create NEW and to realise that our Creative Power is capable of so much more. Nowadays we realise that we are creative within the perspective of our human mind. But when we realise our Creative Power within the Perspective of our Expanding Consciousness, we manifest the Glorious Purpose of our existence.

We exist to Create. We Exist to Glorify GOD within ourselves. Which means we Live to Glorify ourselves as Humanity. But not through the Human mind. We can Glorify through the Consciousness that Expands itself in the Light of Awareness. That Lives to manifest itself as the Motion in Order of Cosmos. Cosmos Expands because there is Motion and there is Order. Choosing to follow the Order of Cosmos, the Order that Lives IN yourself when you are born as Human Being, is choosing to Live the Motion in which Growth is Reality. A Growth that Expands the Consciousness and brings insights to continue the Path of Creativity and discover the Love IN CORE of Creativity. The Love IN Creative Right is the Love of Ruby CORE that Lives in Terra. We Exist to create and to do so from the Love that is our CORE. Creating is an Act of Love, an Act to Enlighten All and to benefit All. Which means we truly create Comfort when we Act IN Love of CORE and when we Act from the basic principles of our Existence.

We are Human. We are Creative. We are Creative to Glorify GOD IN ourselves and in All. Thus, every Act we do should benefit all. This is how Comfort is formed as Life. How Comfort will exist as Creation, as Atoms and Cells. We learn to worship our Creative Power as the INNER Truth of Being. In this we learn to create from Order, from Love. And to form Comfortable Life for All.

© Ascending All

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