Creating Aquarius in Truth

The Power to create Lives in the Natural Action of ONE RACE. RACE is Creative in the Destined Way of Terra and Humanity. The unfoldment of this Way Lives in the right to Create and in the Awakening of RACE. RACE Awakens in the Power of INNER, a Power that Lives Eternal within the Gifted State of Promise. The Promise IN Human Being Awakens in the Atoms and Cells to realise itself as form. And to Obey the Rhythm of the Aquarian Tone and Sound. Sound of Aquarius touches the Atoms of Creation to materialise itself within the Atoms. Life is formed in the Sounding Truth, in the Truthful Way of Creativity and in the Honest Act of Obedience.

Obeying the Ordered Motion and Honouring The Way of Aquarius is Obeying the Ordered Whole in which Active Design is freely given. ONE Design Reigns All and is Life for All. ONE Design is the Active Purpose of Living to make All Atoms Truthful and Natural. The Power of Truth is Alchemical. The Power of Truth Enlightens All. The Power of Order IN Design is the Alchemical Reality that makes Life unfold in the Way that gives GOOD. The Way that makes All Glorious. The Glorious interaction of Living Destined is the interaction in which all live in ONE Light and Destiny and are Rooted in ONE CORE. The CORE of Terra is Gift for RACE, Gift to make Living a NEW reality.

The Natural Act of RACE is to be Creative. To be Creative is to Love and to make Life unroll in the Truthful Reality that Life is. When RACE gives Freely of its Will and Honour, Life forms Freely in the Design of Emerald and in the CORE of Terra. Free Life is possible in the Age of Aquarius and in the Willingness of this Flame to serve the Living Way.

© Ascending All

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