Cosmos Expands in Wish of Human

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In the arrangement of Cosmos we are the Presence of GOD in the fulfilment of Cosmic Destiny. Cosmos is an Eternal Organism that Lives, Breathes and Expands. We cannot fathom the Reality of the Order in Cosmos, of the Source of Life in Cosmos. Although we cannot fathom this, we are a part of it. We Live IN the Cosmic Order and we make Cosmos Expand. Our Gift of Creative Flow and our Wishes in this Flow, realise the Expansion of Cosmos and make Order in Cosmos MORE. The fact that Terra moves, that Solar System is one of the many and that Gravity is part of the fact that Life exists on Terra, are Details in the Cosmic Order. As Humanity we deliver our Light to this Order and we are able to Multiply the Light of the Source of All Life. In doing so, we give our Wishful Right to Live, to Breathe and to BE in the Cosmic Order of the Aquarian Reality.

Because it is the Age of Aquarius in our Cosmic Right, we are Present in the Aquarian Reality of Cosmos. We make Cosmic Order MORE and give Expansion to Life, when we Multiply Light in the Principles and Destiny of Aquarius. When we live by the Rule, it means we Honour LAW that Reigns and that we Honour the Original Life Source Present in the vastness of Cosmos. Cosmos is an Arranged Reality. It is given in a Precision, in a magical touch that has made Details and Differentiations. But all in ONE Motion, focused upon the Truth of Light and Right.

As Humanity we can Live this Motion. We can create according to this Motion and make Life (our Body and Creation) the Expression of Eternal Motion in which All of Cosmos abides. Honour Motion within and the Wish of the CORE will fulfil the Destiny of Cosmos, IN Cosmic Order. Life is the Beauty of Ordered Expression, the Right of ONE Motion in All of RACE and MORE.

© Ascending All

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