Cosmic Order serves All

In the Word of Mother is the gift that comes forth in the Cosmic Order. Cosmic Order is the Beginning of Terra and the Space Terra has and realises for herself in Cosmos, is the Reality of her form and her Beauty. Mother gives Word and Prays, Mother speaks, to realise the form IN Reflection and to make life Whole and Ordered Expression. The Expression of Order can only be given when the Beginning is Active in the Order of Cosmos. Cosmic Order is the Right for life to BE and the Right IN Light given to be Expression, to be form.

Forming Life as a woman is forming IN the Order of Cosmos, because Life Begins IN Order. The Light of Cosmic Truth and Action can only be formed in the Reflection that makes Order MORE. A Reflection that forms Whole and realises an Ordered formation of Atoms. These Atoms are the Will of GOD in Expansion to give a Detail in the Order of Cosmos, to add Light in Ordered Way. Creating form is the Right of Omega. It is Right IN Reflection to form and to realise the Gift of Life from Light. Light is Active in the Order and therefore in the Motion of Cosmos. Within this Motion is Directive Power a fact.

Ordered Cosmos realises a Motion that comes from Direction. A Directive Power that is IN Will of GOD a fact. Applying the Will of GOD in the Right of Alpha to Direct IN Order, is applying the Reality of Direction to make Life possible. The Cosmic Order is the Beginning of Life, because Cosmic Order is Ordered IN Will of GOD. IN Will of the All-seeing Eye and IN Will of the Vision for GOD’s Plan. The Divine is Active in Cosmic Order. The Divine that IS Motion, that IS Action and that IS the Light in Cosmic Whole. Ordered Cosmos is the Passion of GOD to realise Creation. In this Order we Breathe. In this Order we manifest Detailed Life as the formations of Atoms Active in Aquarian Direction and Order.

Life is Worthy when Order gives itself. Life is MORE when Order is manifest as the Righteous form of Direction and Reflection in ONE Motion of GOD’s Willingness to serve All in ONE Act. 

© Ascending All

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