Cosmic Order

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What is Cosmic Order? And what does it realise?

The Order in Cosmos is the Principle that All Light in Cosmos moves around one central point. This point is the Source of Light, it is the Origin. Origin has become MORE. The Motion of Stars, of Galaxies, of planets, moves around one central point. The centre of Cosmos makes this Order, which means Origin of Cosmos makes this Ordered Motion. The fact that all move in the same Direction, in a circular Motion, makes an Order. There is a place for Stars and planets within the Motion around Origin. Moving around Origin is moving around the Source of Light and Life. Entire Cosmos Orbits around the central point, the point of Beginning. It was Direction that created Cosmos from Origin. It was Directive Wish that made Light MORE and gave Expansion.

Truth of Motion around Sun as we see in our Solar System, is the Truth of Order in All of Cosmos. When everything moves in ONE Direction, there is an order. In Cosmos the Order is fact because of the Circular Motion of Light. Within this Motion the Beginning and Ending are Sealed. There is no Beginning and no Ending in a Circle. There is, but it is hardly seen. Beginning and Ending are connected in a circle. The Circular Motion of Light in Cosmos Seals the Light and makes Beginning and Ending Commune. Which means the Direction from Origin, that has made Cosmos and its Motion out of the Origin, realised the First Communion. Which is the Beginning and Ending of Cosmos as ONE. IN Communion, the circular Motion is fact. Light moves around the centre, is focused upon the centre, because of Communion. Beginning and Ending Commune and therefore the Ordered Motion of Light is fact.

When we create, we can do the same. We can realise the Communion of Beginning and Ending, in which we realise the Ordered Motion of Light. And therefore we realise an Ordered Creation. A Creation that Lives in the Motion of Wellness, or IN Wellness. The Motion of Light around its Source, around Origin, is Wellness. As long as Light keeps moving around the central point of Being, the Source, Wellness is fact. Direction IN Cosmos, IN Male, realises Wellness. Light IN Motion is Wellness. When form is created from Light IN Motion, Motion around the Source, form is Wellness. Life is Wellness and therefore Comfortable. Wellness is the Expression of the Circular Motion of Light around CORE, the central point, that makes Beginning and Ending ONE. That makes Communion. When Communion of Beginning and Ending is Reality, Wellness is fact. Which means All Life IS Well and serves the Order of Cosmos, the Motion of Light around Origin.

What is Cosmic Order? The Motion of Light around its Source. What does Cosmic Order realise? Communion of Beginning and Ending. So, Communing is in Cosmos a fact. As Humanity we simply Honour the Light and Motion of Cosmos, by realising Communion as Life, Life IN Motion.

© Ascending All

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