Conscious Creativity

Creative Human Being lives to realise The Way of Aquarius and to make Creation the Aquarian Right of Expression. Creativity in Human RACE is the CORE of RACE and the reason of Being. To fulfil Destiny IN Light of Sun and Moon, Human Being Creates and fulfils the Right to Create in forming Creation. In the Aquarian Tone, Creation is Equal, Harmonious and Truthful. In Aquarian Tone is Right of Creativity the Creative Act that forms Aquarian destiny, Aquarian Expression of Light. The Light of Sun and Moon will be form in the Union with White fire Order, which is in CORE. Human Being is able to Unite CORE with Sun and moon Light to form the Truth of the Directive and Reflective Power as Creation in which the Motion of Order is Alive. Being conscious of the Creative Act and of the Ability to Create supports the Creative Action. Being Conscious and Aware while creating makes Creation Whole and gives All Light the Right to Shine and to show itself as Detailed Expression of Human Being.

RACE is Able to form a Detailed Creation. RACE is able to make All Life NEW in the fulfilment of Creativity. Creativity is ONE Tone in Action, ONE Tone in the Bliss of a NEW Right and Light. This Light is Aquarian and this Right is Aquarian, Active in the Order of Cosmos. Fulfilling the Creative Right of Human RACE means to be Creative in the Order of Sun and Moon, in the Order of the Cosmic Motion. Creating to uplift and support Light and Life is Creating to be MORE and to pursue the Destined track of Humanity. Will to Create needs to Awaken in Consciousness and Awareness, to realise the form of Wholeness and Order. A form that supports the Details IN CORE, IN White Fire Order. All of Life comes forth in the Right to create NEW, Creative and Destined. This Right is touched by the Aquarian Constellation and gives Opportunity to Humanity to Activate MORE Power of Creativity in Ordered Motion.

© Ascending All

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