Choosing to Respond

Released is the Gift of Peace in our walks to come to the point of response ability. In Peace is the Right to Create and the Motion of Eternal Power in Willingness to serve All. The service to All and to Life in the Light of Terra is a service Active in Peace. To walk in the Power of Peace while Being Active IN HOPE is to walk in the Creativity of Human Nature. This Creativity is the innermost Being of Human, the innermost Truth of your Worth. In this Worth you are able to respond to Life, to Light and to the Detailed Identity of your Promise, your Truth. Being Truthful is Being Naturally Active in the Motion of Cosmos, the Order of Cosmos. Denying the Right to create is denying the fact that you are Human and that you are Authorised to Live IN Motion of Cosmos. In this Motion is the response ability to Nature of yourself, the Nature of your Creativity.

Creative Power is the Natural Power of Human Being. Being responsive to the Light of Sun is being responsive to the choice to be Human. The fact that you live and breathe upon Terra is the choice of your ONE Identity IN Wish Sealed. Responding to this Identity means to be Creative in the Detailed Nature of this ONE Identity. ONE Identity Reigns in Creativity, ONE Wish makes Life MORE. This is the Natural Reality of being Human, of Being Able to respond to Human Nature. Choosing to walk the Path of Peace IN HOPE is choosing to respond to your Creativity. It is choosing to create and to make Detailed Identity MORE in yourself and in All. The Gift of Peace is Reality in the ability to respond to your Human Nature. The ability to respond to the Will to be Human, which is the Will to Create.

© Ascending All

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